IMG_6124When I started blogging nearly ten years ago my blog was a personal place for me to publish what wouldn’t be published elsewhere.

My posts were individualistic and I included personal notes and comments. The blog grew. It became popular. Readers wanted more comment on news and current events in the church. The blog evolved into what Standing On My Head now is.

That’s ok. But for some time I have wanted a blog which is more personal and interactive again.

So today I launch The Suburban Hermit. This is a blog where I will comment on readings, review books and reflect on the Benedictine life– a blend of work, prayer and reading. A harmony of obedience, stability and conversion of life.

I hope to add peaceful pictures of monastic and Catholic church life. I hope to share things that mean much to me personally: music clips, paintings, poetry. literature and liturgy.

For now comment boxes are open. However, if the atmosphere in the comments space becomes fetid, I will close the down. Life’s too short.