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Monks in Chapter

Monks in Chapter

Everything will be done at the proper time. — Rule of St Benedict

Idleness is the enemy of the soul, and so monks should be occupied at some times with manual labor, and at certain times with holy reading. — Rule of St Benedict

The monk renounces a life of agitation and confusion for one of order and clarity. But the order and clarity are not of his own making, nor are they, san institutional product, and effect of exterior regularity. They are the fruit of the Spirit. — Thomas Merton Contemplation in a World of Action

See to it that your private exercises are organized to be performed regularly. Prescribe for yourself what you will do and when, and what things you want to be doing, but in such a way that if sometimes obedience or some other reasonable cause or emergency requires it, you may abbreviate any of your exercise, or even omit them, without inrordinate worry. — Louis de Blois Mirror for Monks

From Essential Monastic Wisdom, ed.Hugh Feiss OSB, Harper San Francisco. 2000