tumblr_n4sve1VO1V1sf40xbo1_1280I said it again today: “Everybody is crazy but me and you, and I have my doubts about you…”

Seriously, what I said to my wife was, “Can’t we just pull out, leave, check out, unplug, get a cabin in the mountains where I will have you, my books, a fireplace, a dog and a view. I should have been a monk.”

This desire to get away from it all is good, and I’m not just saying that because I’m an introvert. We try to fulfill this desire to get away from it all by taking a vacation, traveling, escaping in some way. These things are good, but they don’t ultimately satisfy.

That’s because the desire to get away from it all, to retire, to head for the hills or the beach–this is simply the deeper desire to get away from this world and get closer to God.

Have you thought about it? Why do we like the beach? It’s not really the girls in bikinis and the boy on surfboards. Its not really the sun, the sand and the surf. We love the beach because we are close to the endless sea. Its the horizon we long for. It’s the land beyond the end of the world that we gaze upon.

And why do we love the mountains? Its not just the fresh air, the trees, the calm of nature and the joy of being free. It is also because, from time immemorial the mountains have been the holy places. They are the uppermost parts where heaven meets earth and we want to climb up and be there to be closer to God.

So do not despise your contemplative spirit. It is good and right to want to get away from it all. You can do this–you must do this each day as you light the candles, gather the books, kneel in your own holy place and pray.

There, until the day when you can get away from it all for good, you will find peace.