About Fr Longenecker

big-stickThis blog is a personal place–like my little online hermitage.

I’m a married former Anglican priest, now a Catholic parish priest in South Carolina. You can be in touch and learn more about more from my website here and follow my main blog here.

As a Benedictine oblate, I’ll be writing here on monastic spirituality, reflecting on what I’m reading and commenting on the interaction of prayer, work and reading. You can learn about my two books on Benedictine spirituality on my website. Listen My Son is a daily commentary on the Rule of St Benedict for parents and St Benedict and St Therese is a study of the lives and writings of these two great saints.



5 thoughts on “About Fr Longenecker”

  1. Dear Fr Longnecker, we’ve followed & enjoyed your writings for years. A friend introduced us to this blog. We’re also lay Oblates, of Westminster Abbey, in Mission, BC, Canada. I’ll send your blog address to our Oblate email list. Thank you! I look forward to reading your reflections. BTW, have you encountered Fr Jacques Phillippe? We were introduced to his books at our Abbey while there on retreat. May the Lord and our holy Father Benedict bless your work!


  2. David Naas said:

    Well begun is half the fun… or, however it goes.
    Carry on and ad majorem Dei gloriam.


  3. Maryjudith Anuforo said:

    Good to meet you Fr, am a Nigerian by nationality and am surely confused. I want to live a monastic life style but I dont know how to go about it. I’wl be glad if am helped Fr.


  4. Columba (David) Shafer said:

    Fr. Dwight — Have you become an oblate of the Belmont Abbey community. It seems they are closest to you . . . or something more exotic like Norcia? I am also in SC so the geography of this is of personal interest.

    Blessed Nativity to you, family and your community in Greenville.



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